John Athayde

PowerFleet/I.D.Systems & Meticulous, LLC - Charlottesville, Virginia

John Athayde is a designer and developer who spends a lot of time fighting bad coding practices in the Rails view layer. He is currently the VP of Design for PowerFleet (I.D. Systems). He’s run Meticulous (a design consultancy) since 1997. Prior to this he was the VP of Design for CargoSense and Lead for UI/UX and Front-end Development–Internal Apps at LivingSocial. In the past he also was the lead designer at InfoEther and ran Hyphenated People with Amy Hoy. He is currently a small permaculture farm outside of Charlottesville where he can garden and play in the dirt with his wife and three children. He's spent the past few months building a greenhouse from scratch (not a kit). In his free time, he plays guitar and keyboards for the DC-based band, Juniper Lane, and works on his solo music project, Rotoscope. He co-authored “The Rails View” with Bruce Williams. He holds his Masters in Architecture from Catholic University of America.

Laurie Barth

Gatsby - Washington, D.C.

Laurie is a Staff Software Engineer on the Gatsby Learning Team as well as a conference speaker, egghead instructor and member of the TC39 Educators committee. As a technical blogger, Laurie is a contributor to various publications, including CSS Tricks and Smashing Magazine. When she isn't writing code you can find her playing board games and eating cupcakes with her puppy, Avett.

Kyle Boss

Tinder - Hollywood, CA

After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2016 with a degree in computer science, Kyle moved down to Los Angeles where he has had a few jobs in the Tech industry. Currently a web developer at Tinder, he works on projects such as the PWA Tinder.com and Swipe Life, Tinder’s lifestyle blog that runs on GatsbyJS.

When Kyle is not working, he enjoys hanging out on studio sets in Hollywood. In the last year, he’s won two vehicles on Let's Make A Deal, been in a Backstreet Boys music video, and attended the Emmys as a seat-filler. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know where he will be next!

Matt Crowder

Appian - Reston, Virginia

Matt is a software engineer at Appian in Northern Virginia. He is a passionate javascript developer who enjoys blogging at dev.to/mcrowder65, and is also a co-organizer of Northern Virginia's javascript meetup - NoVa.JS. In his spare time he enjoys running with his dog, lifting weights, and playing video games with his wife.

Leigha Dellinger

Capital One - Richmond, Virginia

I moved here in 2011 for an awesome internship that I had no background for. I was learning constantly and loving every minute of it! In the past 8 or so years I have gone from a learning-junkie, student - living off of local startup work and freelancing across the US - to a well-developer software engineering manager at a wonderful richmond-based consulting company! I love exploring new technologies and enjoy the challenge of tech with very little support. Richmond is my home and I love the idea of sharing anything I've learned with other richmond-front-end people.

Suchita Doshi

LinkedIn - San Francisco, California

Senior Software Engineer on the Flagship (linkedin.com) Web Infrastructure team @ LinkedIn.
I enjoy exploring new technologies/frameworks and contributing to open source projects in the EmberJS world. I am also passionate about improving developers ergonomics and a hardcore "cricket" fan.
Fun fact: I am the opening bats-woman for the Bay Area Cricket Association team!

Nick Holmstedt

CoStar - Richmond, VA

Originally a self-taught developer, Nick Holmstedt started working with CoStar’s Software Development department in April 2018. His past has brought him through SysAdmin work at a Healthcare IT firm and video game QA at Bethesda before committing to Development. When not coding, Nick likes to spend time with his wife and puppies, play or compose music, or play board games.

Matt Lavin

LifeOmic - Raleigh, North Carolina

A Software Engineer from birth, I love talking about clever solutions to technical problems. I'm currently excited about understanding and applying new technologies like serverless and GraphQL to the solutions we build.

Marko Letic

Tech Speaker at Mozilla - Belgrade, Serbia

Marko Letic is a front-end engineer, lecturer and data visualization scientist. He is currently leading the front-end team at AVA, a Berlin-based company, where he is working on a platform that combines big data, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence to take the safety of individuals, organizations, cities, and countries to a whole new level. His main role is to create a contextual analysis of the processed data through a web-based client application. Marko is also working as a Tech Speaker at Mozilla promoting the values of the open web and he is one of the organizers of Armada JS. He holds a MSc degree in Computer Science and is pursuing his PhD in data visualization. He sometimes writes fiction novels that probably will never get published as he spends too much time coding.

Jason Maggard

ChartIQ - Charlottesville, Virginia

I'm a Javascript dev for ChartIQ working on the Finsemble smart desktop platform. I've done some other things too. I'm also father to three, master of two. Damian, Ronnie, Josie, Ruckus and Fiasco. I play guitar. I read. I bake. I play disc golf. I'm a Bengals fan. I watch British comedies. I do yard work.

Kito Mann

Virtua, Inc. - Richmond, VA

Kito D. Mann is the Principal Consultant at Virtua, Inc. (http://virtua.tech), specializing in enterprise application architecture, training, development, and mentoring with JavaServer Faces, HTML5 Web Components, Polymer, and Java EE technologies. He is also the editor-in-chief of JSFCentral.com (www.jsfcentral.com), co-host of the Enterprise Java Newscast (http://www.enterprisejavanews.com), and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning). Mann has participated in several Java Community Process expert groups (including CDI, JSF and Portlets) and is also an internationally recognized speaker. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Ben Nelson

SingleStone - Richmond, VA

Senior Consultant and Tech Lead at SingleStone, Ben Nelson is an expert technologist. An Agile evangelist, Ben has worked across the public and private sectors with a robust skillset in full-stack development. When he’s not coding or contributing to the Fintech Daily podcast, you can find him hanging with his wife and five children or listening to music and exploring RVA.

Tommy O'Keefe

NPR - Washington, D.C.

Tommy O'Keefe is a full stack developer at NPR, formerly a full stack developer at Atlantic 57, the digital consultancy of The Atlantic magazine. Currently he is writing a lot of typeScript and developing for voice platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Tommy thinks of himself as a "life long learner" and is always looking for connections between the world of technology and other fields of study. When he isn't writing code, he can often be found hanging out with his family, riding his bicycle, or reading a book and drinking good coffee.

Todd Palmer

Fujitsu - Richmond, VA

Todd Palmer is a Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer. He is an editor for Angular In Depth which is the largest Angular specific publication on Medium. He is also a course developer for Thinkster.io. In 2018 he was selected by the Workflow Management Coalition as their Outstanding Business Transformation Consultant of the year.
Todd lives in Richmond, VA with his Finnish wife and their five children. When he isn’t coding, he enjoys rock climbing and surfing.

Paul Rosen

Gracenotes, LLC. - Charlottesville, VA

I've been both an amateur musician and a professional programmer for a long time. I play in a Trad Jazz band and a Cajun band and you can find me in various old-time jams around town. I live in Charlottesville. I love biking and playing sports, and a good day includes both playing music with friends and not getting in a car.

Gary Sieling

Element 84 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gary Sieling is a Senior Software Engineer at Element 84, with interests in data warehousing, machine learning, and devops. He is a co-organizer and regular speaker for the Philly Area Scala enthusiasts and Philly ETE. He has worked in multiple industries: legal document search, life sciences document management, and satellite data processing.

Kylie Stewart

Formidable - Denver, Colorado

Kylie Stewart is a software engineer and open source maintainer at Formidable Labs, as well as an enthusiastic advocate for women in technology. Lately, she's enjoyed tinkering with Reason, TypeScript, and GraphQL. Prior to developing, she sold electric cars in Washington, DC. When she isn't behind a screen, Kylie spends her time climbing and hiking Colorado with her dog, Otis.

Adrienne Tacke

DebtTrader - Las Vegas, Nevada

Adrienne Braganza Tacke is a Filipina software engineer, international speaker, and published author of the book Coding for Kids: Python. She is also a LinkedIn Learning instructor who specializes in Azure and Cloud Development courses. She takes great delight in solving complex problems and building awesome things, particularly with C# and JavaScript. Most of all, she relishes the opportunity to teach anyone about code.

Terry Thorsen

ChartIQ - Charlottesville, VA

Terry Thorsen served as the Principal Executive Officer and President of Automated Financial Systems Corp., which Mr. Thorsen Co-founded in 1994. Previously, Mr. Thorsen served as Vice President of Development of Automated Financial Systems Corp. Prior to Automated Financial Systems, he consulted for K. Aufhauser & Co. where he developed "WealthWeb," the first online trading system, which was eventually acquired by Ameritrade. By applying radically new technologies, such as interactive voice response, the Internet and Java, Terry gave K. Aufhauser & Co. a significant lead in the online brokerage marketplace. Mr. Thorsen also worked at Digitrade as a Developer, where he co-developed the T. Rowe Price web-based Mutual Fund Trading System. He is also the co-creator of the AutoCGI development tool. He graduated from the State University of New York at Stonybrook with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Currently, he is the Co-Founder and CTO at ChartIQ.

Jennifer Wadella

Kansas City Women in Technology - Kansas City, Missouri

Jennifer Wadella has been writing code since before she realized it was a credible career path. She currently works as a JavaScript Consultant and loves building performant web applications, speaking at technical conferences, and brewing kombucha. Jennifer is an active member of the KC tech community and the founder of Kansas City Women in Technology(KCWiT), an organization aimed at growing the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City. She is the PubConf Sydney 2018 Champion, a Silicon Prairie Champion Award Nominee, Rising Trendsetter STEMMy award-winner, and is apparently Missouri's Coolest Woman according to Pure Wow.

Ryan Yurkanin

Guru - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ryan is a Lead Software Engineer at Guru who frequently writes and talks about Javascript.

Ryan can typically be found online helping others through React problems and experimenting with React's concurrent mode. (or playing Dark Souls)

Ryan's talk "Why React Hooks and how did we even get here" tries to tackle learning the unique mental model of hooks by showing how we've historically solved the problems that hooks solve.